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You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.


You are now leaving the high school website and entering the university site.

十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital is Arizona’s Best K–12 Online  School

We are an accredited tuition-free public school. As part of Arizona State University our students are on an accelerated path to college and careers.


Now Enrolling K–12 for Spring!

Enroll online today.

Online School in Arizona

Khan World School Now Enrolling

We’ve expanded to grades 6–12! This unique online school model rewards curiosity and empowers students to own their learning. Discover how students use discussion and collaboration to dive deeply into society’s most challenging problems with support from peers and world-class learning guides.

Khan World School

Take university courses in high school.

We’re embedding the university experience in high school to give students an accelerated path toward university admission and careers of the future. Our concurrent courses offer the chance to earn both high school and university credit toward a major. We want students to feel like a Sun Devil from day one and hope they graduate with at least 12 十大正规棋牌网站 credits.

College prep girl

Take high school courses in middle school.

The same acceleration options are available in middle school, where students are encouraged to work ahead and start earning high school credit.

Middle schoolgirl working online

Find your own path.

Adaptive technologies allow students to work at their own pace, while data-rich dashboards help teachers personalize the learning.

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Student Performance

State of Arizona High School Average
十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital
Arizona Virtual Academy
Arizona Connections Academy
English Language Arts Assessment Results: Percentage Proficient*
Math Assessment Results: Percentage Proficient*
*2022 Spring 2022 administrations of the AASA, MSAA, and ACT statewide assessments –

Study on your schedule.

We’re an online school, so students can work anytime, anywhere. It’s a flexible virtual school option for students needing a full-time K-12 program or a single online high school or university course.

Flexible Student green

Surround yourself with support.

We believe all students can succeed. And our unique teaching model supports students with the latest learning technologies and several layers of personalized instruction and coaching.

Online Teachers provide direct instruction and progress monitoring via live group webinars, one-on-one video chats, phone calls, text and emails.

Success Coaches provide mentoring and support as well as assist students with college and career goal setting.

University Professors create course materials, deliver recorded video lessons and provide direct help during online office hours.

Families provide an essential role in our student success and are actively involved in developing and monitoring Individualized Learning Plans.

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Students speak out!

十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital Student

“Switching to 十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”


十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital Student

“Thanks to 十大正规棋牌网站PD, I can work on school on my time and at my pace. I’ve never been happier!”


十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital Student

“十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital allows me to become the best version of myself: unique and educated.”

Latest Tweets

Rory’s story is proof that it’s never too early to make an impact. Learn more about 十大正规棋牌网站 Prep Digital and how our innovative and personalized educational programs are preparing students to make a difference:

十大正规棋牌网站 Prep students enrolled in the Emerging Technology Internship program have exciting learning adventures on the horizon.

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